Zeleno Story

Zeleno is a smart initiative by an ISB Hyderabad trio towards furthering the Swacth Bharat Abhiyan. Prateek, Nimish & Rishabh were struck with the idea of using reverse vending technology, to help India out of PET-bottle menace, on a trip to Europe. Taking a cue, they began to research and find how they could use the technology in the Indian market to motivate people to dispose of trash in a better way. Countless brainstorming sessions, in-depth market research and innumerable meetings with thought leaders, industry experts & technology giants led the trio to create Zeleno and the concept of ‘Throw Trash. Save Cash’.

The Zeleno machine provides an apt treatment in restoring the beauty and hygiene of our surroundings. It keeps the PET- bottles from littering the roads, malls, public places, hospitals, and several other places. Besides, rewarding for each bottle deposited is one of the driving forces in Zelono’s road to Swatch Bharat.

It is said, “A problem addressed is half redressed”. With perseverance and a will to further the influence of Swacth Bharat campaign, these friends have been successful in installing the machines in New Delhi Lucknow, and Connaught Place (CP). Piloting with these places, the company has already come up with a blueprint of places across India where the machines will be installed.

With the Zelono’s being smartly designed and a noble mission at its back, the attention and support from people, media, and other sections of the society have started pouring in, which further bolsters the trio’s resolve to help India go clean and green once again.

Swachh Bharat Machine


Engage every citizen of India in sustainability and recycling program.

To ensure that every product packaging ends up in the RVM machine, allowing people to participate in the process of recovery that functions as a mechanism for economic motivation of end users.


  1. Promote sustainability and eco-friendly minds and inculcate, at large, among the masses a habit of recycling via using Reverse Vending Machines.
  2. Fast forward the process of recycling by sophisticated taking the packaging waste directly from the consumers to recycling companies.
  3. Last but not the least; make India environmentally a thriving place for both flora and fauna.

With an annual growth of around 15% and with so much being packaging food being consumed daily in our country, India, PET constitute a major chunk of the total waste. The need of the hour is to ensure proper disposal of waste material that we struggle to deal with and at the same time encourage recycling. We at ZELENO desired to shoulder this responsibility to unite India to recycle and make India to breathe miasma free

With our unmatched technology to automate the process of solid PET and Aluminum/Steel waste, ZELENO brings to you the following:

  • Saves Transportation Cost: Shortest and economical way to transfer PET bottles to a recycling company
  • Save Electricity: Recycle every bottle, which otherwise would have been unused and ended in sea
  • Less Pollution: Makes cities, towns, villages, and communities bottle-strewn free
  • Promote Swacch Bharat: Helps Government in campaigns concerning environment
  • Saves land fill: Saves the land otherwise used as dumping sites
  • Involves every individual: Motivating the user by incentivizing for every PET bottle/Cans, which gets recycled.
Mr. Praveen Prakash, National Mission Director (SBM) & Jt. Secretary (Minister of Urban Development)

‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can only be successful, if everyone join hands and pledges to clean india together. I believe team Zeleno from ISB have come up with a wonderful project that not only manages solid waste but also motivates the user to recycle more. We trust that the project will be successful and will greatly help in achieving our target to make India Clean.

Pankaj Sharma, Marketing Head
Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores

I appreciate the initiative started by ZELENO. This initiative supports the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, started by the Government of India and at the same time helps in proper disposal of PET Waste by incentivising people.

Chanchal Yadav (IAS),
Secretary New Delhi Municipal Council

I welcome ZELENO wholeheartedly to being a part of the sacred mission to make India cleaner and greener. ZELENO being the only of its kind in our country with its technological smartness and rewards for each PET bottle will go a long way. Moreover, it will be a path-breaking initiative in properly disposing of and recycling the PET bottles.

Salman Akbar, Director,
International Landmark Developers, Gurgaon

I think these guys have taken Swacch Bharat drive to the next Level. Hats off them – What a crazy Idea, hope to see many more such machines in near future

Rahul Aggarwal, Founder Director,
Ideal Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd.

I think every person in India should get involved in recycling. Kudos to the founders for getting such a product. Together we can make a great nation

Gaurav Joshi,
Assistant Manager- Marketing SML ISUZU Ltd.

It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s interactive. Never thought that recycling could be so much fun. Just 3 steps in 30 seconds and I earned a discount at my favourite Book Shop

P C Joshi, Secretary General
PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment

‘I was amazed to see that PET bottles can give you rewards. It is one such initiative that could unite the whole country to promote recycling. I believe this project will not only clean india but also spread happiness. Wonderful initiative, Wonderful team

Meet With

Our Team

prateek mittal

Prateek Mittal

Co-Founder and Director

Mechanical Engineer and an alumnus of ISB, Hyderabad. Having 4 years of experience in the Plastic Component Manufacturing Industry.

Rishabh Agarwal

Rishabh Agarwal

Co-Founder and Director

Computer Science Engineer and an alumnus of ISB, Hyderabad. Having 3 years work experience as Information Security Auditor in Accenture and 3 years work experience in Steel Fabrication and Distribution business.

Nimish Gupta

Nimish Gupta

Co-Founder and Director

Civil Engineer and an alumnus of ISB, Hyderabad. Having 4 years work experience in working with renowned construction companies such as Mahindra Life space, Jaypee Greens.



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