ZELENO – RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) is a state of art automatic waste collection and segregation machine that is able to process plastic, steel and aluminum bottles or cans and reward people for their contribution towards “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” through discount coupons, gift redeem, E-wallet money  and free Wi-Fi access – last two features will be added shortly.

Each ZELENO – RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) has a digital screen and the side LCD display panels that provides advertising space in the form of either rotating, static or video slots. This drastically reduces the carbon footprint of more traditional advertising while remaining cost effective and highly visible


From our intensive research on Indian consumer psyche, we at ZELENO (Reverse Vending Machine) understood that Indians react to initiatives, when it is reward driven. Hence the general public, which is reward driven is our customer. Through our state of art Reverse vending machine the general everyday public are given a chance to take ownership of their recycling behaviour, simultaneously feel special about recycling and promoting “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.”

At the same time, ZELENO also offers businesses a distinctive opportunity to become environmentally conscious by green advertising, discount coupon distribution and gift redeem option.

Who is it for?

Railway/Metro Stations

India is counted among the world’s longest railway networks. That is great! But there is a catch: larger the network, more the people. Thus, more PET bottles owing to their requirement in exhaustive journeys undertaken in either form of the railways. Installing RVMs at Railway/Metro Stations, which are most often congested, will prevent the ugly spread of PET bottles and contain them to be swiftly dispatched to recycling units.


Airports are our gateways to the world and vice-versa. Keeping them clean is not only aesthetically important but from the national image point of view too. Yet bottles are seen in the airports especially at resting places. ZELENO can do the trick with its reward-based system and technologically easy usage.


It is a commonly held belief, and rightly so, that children are a lump of clay, easily molded into forms of choice. Having ZELENOs in the school premises will not only help them keep it clean but also incorporate in them a habit of doing the best treatment to other forms of waste materials.

Bus Stands

When compared to airports and railways, bus stands, by and large, are a common site of seeing PET bottles strewn all across. Sometimes in the buses too! The presence of ZELENOs will change the whole perspective of looking at Bus stands we usually have. Because there will be no bottle around to get stumbled by.

Office Spaces

Although there remains a maintenance staff to clean the office spaces, yet disposing of the left-over gives them a tough time. ZELENO not only will help offices keep the spaces clean but will also reduce the cost of housekeeping staff.


Supermarkets are places where you find almost all things under one roof. Visitors can avail the opportunity of cashing in their rewards by simply choosing ZELENO over usual bins. This could also result in more customer flow with a considerable contribution to keeping the surroundings clean.

Amusement Parks

People always flow in the stream of their own joy at amusement parks and barely dispose of the PET bottles to the right places. It results in littering of these wonderful places. ZELENO will attract the people and will have the bottles rightly placed, and later conveniently dispatched for recycling.

Government Organizations

Government offices are one of the most visited places in our country with people, rural and urban, visiting for different purposes. ZELENO will ensure that no PET bottle litter around, and of course, will also reward those who choose the right treatment for something otherwise carelessly thrown off.

Companies benefiting by Advertising with ZELENO

Business entities, who are also our customers that can make profits using such services from us, are:

Media and Entertainment Companies

ZELENO can be influential in promoting events, programs and more to a large audience of office goers and travellers

Real Estate

Advertising with ZELENO can promote new projects to a big audience in busy districts with high foot fall

Ecommerce Companies

ZELENO machines are used in the busiest district, is an ideal place for ecommerce companies to reach their target audience

FMCG/Retail Outlets

ZELENO machines are an ideal location to advertise new products, offer discount vouchers or distribute sample products, thereby by creating brand visibility and understand consumer behaviour in high foot-fall areas.

Have any questions on how we can help you reach your objectives?

We can help you create solutions for a cleaner vicinity and advertise to your prospective customers



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