These recycling stations will pay 10p for each plastic bottle returned. The first few trial machines will be in selected stores from today in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Swansea and Borehamwood.

This follows a poll by YouGov which revealed that most British people would likely to return a plastic bottle under a reverse vending machine scheme.

Jason Tarry, UK and ROI CEO said: “We are already committed to eliminating single use plastic wherever we can and make recycling simpler for customers. Today is another step in that direction.”

Despite this being a welcomed step, Tesco have called on the Government to introduce a consistent nation-wide approach to recycling to ensure that a significant amount of plastic waste is reduced.

Mr Tarry said: “However, we know that it is going to take retailers, manufacturers and government to work together to make progress. We would urge the government to move to a single, nationwide approach to waste collection that makes it much easier for people to recycle.”

The supermarket joins other companies such as Coca Cola who have also trialled reverse vending machines in the UK. Other countries such as Norway have thousands of successful vending machines which have resulted in a 97 per cent recycling rate across the region.

Tesco have previously implemented measures to reduce plastic waste. Last month they transformed plastic waste into a car park and they have also committed to making all packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025.