Our Objective

Engage every citizen of India in sustainability and recycling program.
  1. Promote sustainability and eco-friendly minds and inculcate, at large, among the masses a habit of recycling via using Reverse Vending Machines.
  2. Fast forward the process of recycling by sophisticated taking the packaging waste directly from the consumers to recycling companies.
  3. Last but not the least; make India environmentally a thriving place for both flora and fauna.

The Problem

With an annual growth of around 15% and with so much being packaging food being consumed daily in our country, India, PET constitute a major chunk of the total waste. The need of the hour is to ensure proper disposal of waste material that we struggle to deal with and at the same time encourage recycling. We at ZELENO desired to shoulder this responsibility to unite India to recycle and make India to breathe miasma free


Our Solution

Saves transportation cost:

Shortest and economical way to transfer PET bottles to a recycling compnay 

Save Electricity:

Recycle every bottle, which otherwise would have been unused and ended in sea 

Less Pollution:

Makes cities, towns, villages, and communities bottle-strewn free Promote Swacch Bharat: Helps Government in campaingns concerning environment

Saves Landfill:

Saves the land otherwise used as dumping sites

Involves every individual: Motivating the user by incentivizing for every PET bottle/Cans, which gets recycled.